TACTILE COFFEE was started by brothers Eric and Mike Yi. Our business grew up on the streets, as we build-out a former Mac Tools truck to serve high-end specialty coffee. Armed with incredible coffee from Counter Culture Coffee and the best equipment we could get, we took to the streets of Los Angeles serving whoever wandered by. 

We were met with a bit of skepticism and maybe some of apprehension at times, but we started to win our customers over with our intentionality and willingness to just pay attention to what we were doing. High standards and simplicity will always be our goal, paired with friendly and kindly service.

Our time with the truck has come to an end, but we're forging ahead with our upcoming brick-and-mortar cafe in Rampart Village, Los Angeles. 





We decided to start a coffee truck together because a truck happened to sit right where both of our background experiences met. Eric worked in restaurant kitchens, food trucks, and event catering; and Mike has worked in cafes and at Eiland Coffee Roasters

All we really care about is making high-quality product for our guests, and the fun challenge is to do so in whatever environment we find ourselves in. There's good coffee to be had and hopefully we'll be the ones dishing it out for you. 



(323) 539-7837


3109 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90057

Rampart Village // Historic Filipinotown