Friends & family fundraiser

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As soon as we announced that we were beginning the process of building out a brick-and-mortar café, our friends and family members immediately reached out and asked if they could contribute. It was really moving to see such support in our community and we couldn’t be more grateful. We didn’t expect this, so we didn’t really have anything set up at the time.

We considered beginning a Kickstarter campaign or another crowd-funding program, but we decided not to because we didn’t feel the need to capitalize on this particular opportunity in that way. We just want to provide a way for the people who reached out to us to give any amount they’d like to, and open it up to any of our other supporters as well.

Where would the money go?

We’ve determined three different areas in which you could help us offset some costs:

  • Coffee Equipment: $5,000
  • Furniture & Wares: $5,000
  • Permitting & Construction. $5,000

These donated funds are for things that are fundamental to our shop and business. We want to be set up for success by having reliable equipment, beautiful and functional furniture and drinkware, and reliable construction that will last a long time.

Your donations are sincerely appreciated and we hope you can show that appreciation when we have the opportunity to serve you. Thank you for your generosity.

How Can I Give?

If you’d like to donate, email us at with the subject line, “I Can Help!” and we'll help you get started.


Despite people being clear that they weren't looking for perks in exchange for donations, we want to give back anyway. For donations over $50, you'll get a free Tactile Coffee diner mug!